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We have 4 rooms.

Seaview 1 and 2 are right on the beach. Both nicely furnished with wooden antique four-poster beds with mosquito net and a ceiling fan.
Seaview 1 the smallest on the beach and has a double bed of 1.60 m, Seaview 2 is bigger and has a bed of 1.80, with 2 matrasses of 90.

2 new rooms behind seaview 1 is a 2-storey building, both with a big terrace and facing the garden and ocean. The downstairs one, Seaview 3 has air-conditioning, with a bed of 1.80. Seaview 4 is very private upstairs and has a ceiling fan and airconditioning, with 1 bed of 1.80 m.
All rooms have a small fridge.

Your breakfast is served every morning at your terrace.

The unique bathrooms, constructed from natural materials, have been designed to be partly open to the elements to keep temperatures down. And as Amed is warm throughout most the year, cold running water is more than adequate for washing needs.
They are equipped with western flushing toilets, shower, mirror, large fountain and electric-shaving outlet.