Mount Agung

Mount Agung woke up again at the end of september, after a long sleep of 54 years.

We are in the safe zone in Amed.
The refugees are brought to this area,  if it would not be safe they wouldn’t stay around here.
But meanwhile Amed area does not get any tourists because of international news and other area’s saying we are not safe. But
                                                        WE ARE SAFE!!!
All people in Amed will be very happy when you visit us, so you are very WELCOME.

Actually it is one of the best places to see the mountain rising up from the sea but at a very safe distance. Look at these pictures.

Here is a short story about Mount Agung

The end of September it became very active and many people have been evacuated then. Everybody in the 12 km zone.
After the panicing first weeks it became quiet again which resulted in bringing down the level to 3 on October 29.
Another small eruption on November 21, followed by more eruptions, the level was put up again to level 4. The airport closed down for a few days because of the ashes and reopened on November 29.
Since then we had some small eruptions, but only small. We expect that the level will go down again to 3.